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11 November 2010
Media Release
GC 36/10

The terms of reference commissioning Professor Ross Garnaut to update his 2008 Garnaut Climate Change Review have today been released by the Government.

Minister for Climate Change and Energy, Greg Combet, said Professor Garnaut will update significant elements of his seminal 2008 Climate Change review.

“The updated Garnaut review will be an important contribution to public debate, and of course, the deliberations of the Multi-Party Climate Change Committee,” Mr Combet said.

“Professor Garnaut will update several key areas of research and build upon the substantial analysis undertaken for his original Climate Change Review, where:

  • significant changes have occurred, or the sum of expert knowledge has increased, since the original analysis for the 2008 Review was undertaken; and
  • such changes or improvements in expert knowledge could have significant implications for the key findings and recommendations of the 2008 Review, such that they should be updated.

“The Review Update should also consider:

  • international developments on climate change mitigation efforts;
  • developments in climate change science, and understanding of climate change impacts;
  • previous proposals to develop a carbon price in Australia, and the ensuing public debate;
  • domestic and international emissions trends;
  • changes in low emissions technology costs and availability;
  • the potential for abatement within the land sector; and,
  • developments in the Australian electricity market.

“Throughout the Review Update, consultation with key stakeholders will be required to understand views and inform analysis. The other expert advisers to the Multi-Party Climate Change Committee will also be invited to contribute directly to the Review Update.

“Professor Garnaut will produce a series of papers which will address international mitigation progress, climate change science, development of a carbon price, domestic and international emissions trends, emissions reduction technologies, abatement in the land sector and developments in the electricity sector.

“These papers will be publically released and the final report is to be presented to the Government by 31 May 2011, and will reflect the independent judgments of its author.

“Professor Garnaut has also agreed to hold public forums in capital cities and regional centres around Australia, providing an important opportunity to engage the public on these key issues.

“The Review Update delivers on the Government’s commitment to the Member for New England, Tony Windsor, following this year’s Federal election.”

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